The Theater Månegøgl was a one-woman theater directed and driven since 1981 by writer and actor Hanne Trolle until 2017, where Hanne Trolle chose to close the theater definitively.
The theater was the first theater in Denmark to produce theater for very young children down to 1 1/2 years.
Månegøgl specializes in playing poetical, musical and visual theater for children up to 8 years and their adults.

Månegøgl toured all over the country. Månegøgl made many guest performances at Anemone Teatret, Husets Teater, Teater Zeppelin and Folketeatret in Copenhagen.

Internationally Månegøgl has over the years played many of its performances across large parts of Europe (including England, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Greenland) at international festivals and tours. Also, Japan has visited the theater for both festivals and several tours. In October 2010, the theater was invited to Washington by the Danish Embassy. Here Månegøgl represented Denmark at the Euro Kids Festival for Performing Arts and played in this regard. Play at the Kennedy Center.
The theater’s performances over the years were seen by over 300,000 children and their adults.

In 1992, Hanne Trolle received the Children’s Librarian’s Cultural Prize for her pioneering work in the children’s theater.
In August 2010, Hanne Trolle received the Children’s and Youth Culture Fund in the Danish Authors’ Association’s Honors League for its commendable work in the field of children’s culture.
In 2016, Hanne Trolle received the Danish Theater Association’s honorary award.

Hanne Trolle has also directed performances for Uppercut Dance Theater and Music Theater Undergrunden.
The theater received grants from the National Art Foundation for operation, productions and tours abroad.

Hanne Trolle
Email: hanne@hannetrolle.dk
Telefon: +45 20 41 73 15

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